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About the Podcast

Molly and Carrie are sisters who discovered a love for hiking, backpacking and exploring wild places together. Their podcast is filled with stories from their many adventures. The first season primarily focuses on their experience backpacking the John Muir Trail. The second season covered the sisters' time on the Tahoe Rim Trail. Currently, the sisters are releasing the third season of their podcast, about their time on Oregon trails, including the Timberline Trail around Mt Hood. 

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Meet Carrie!

Carrie's analytic mind and passion for adventure inspires her to explore exciting, remote places both safely and responsibly. Carrie completes the bulk of research for the sister's treks and loves answering gear and itinerary related questions! Carrie is always ready to explore somewhere new, but especially loves the Glacier Peak Wilderness in Washington state. Carrie works as a medical laboratory scientist when she isn't exploring outdoors.

Meet Molly!

Molly's adventurous spirit leads her to pursue both micro and macro adventures each year. Molly's trail knowledge and passion for the outdoors fuels the sisters past and present outdoor endeavors. Molly especially enjoys the scenery in and around the North Cascades National Park in Washington state. Molly works as a physical therapist when she isn't exploring outdoors.

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Beginner Backpacker Tips

We began our backpacking journey from scratch! We cover our formative backpacking experiences on the first episode of our podcast, "Enough about the Bowls!" Explore the link below for our favorite tips and resources for beginners.